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Inspiration Journey One day on Binh Lap


I am hypnotized by this dawn. Is it beautiful? 


To me, it’s relaxing time. To them, it’s working time.


This picture reminds me of the The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish.


Banh Can for breakfast.


Binh Lap is one of Four Binh in Vietnam, beside Binh Ba, Binh Hung – those two are island, and Binh Tien. 


If I had a house in this place, I would walk around this beach everyday, just to make my foot full of sand.


That boat had taken us to a beach where we could see coral when we were diving.


You can find echinus anywhere near the beach.


"My Heart sleeps by the sea"


So this is what Robinson see all those years he was on the island. Not bad!


I don’t think one day is enough to explore all this peninsula.