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Inspiration Journey How Saigon Looked Like Before Tet Holiday


Saigon these days are different in every way. People already came back to their hometown as leave Saigon in such spacious place. Those bustle and hustle streets now become fresher and loud-free.

I was wondering around Saigon on 28th January, 2018. Instead of being too sunny as usual, Saigon that day was covered by drizzling rain all over.

Nguyen Hue walking street had not been ready to welcome guests yet, therefore I drove to The Calligrapher town at Youth Cultural House.

Here, many beautiful ladies were wearing Ao Dai and taking pictures.

At Calligrapher town, there always have Calligrapher Artist and Patrons.Besides them, there were lovely roses.At lunch time, I headed to China town.

After passing through many busy streets, I chose to stop at Thien Hau pagoda in Nguyen Trai street.

At that time, people were doing rituals.

All Dragons and Lions dance were getting into lines for rituals. People were praying for a joyful and peaceful new year ahead.Others guests also learnt about this 300 years old cultural land.

My last stop was at Binh Dong.

I could tell that this was the biggest Chinese market in Saigon.

Many boats from Southeast Vietnam came directly to here.

Those were the ones who send beautiful flowers for all people.

Spring – the season of flowers blooming.